How To Build Your Mailbox

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Start by selecting a part from the options. Some parts have additional color choices. When you are satisfied, click the Next button at the top right to continue. You can click the Previous button at any time to go back and make changes.

Your selected parts, accessories, and personalizations will appear on the right. If you would like to remove a part, click the Remove From Cart link below the part name.

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Our Flagship mailboxes are prebuilt sets designed by our professionals. They consist of a post and arm combination. You can add one of our designer mailboxes and then choose accessories and personalized lettering.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you aren't happy with your mailbox, send it back and we'll give you a full refund. Find out more on our Policies page.

Stettler Triple

Our predesigned options include:

  • Stettler Single up to Stettler Five post setups
  • Clayhurst and Whitecourt Singles
  • Essex Single and Twin
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