Mailbox Installation

Watch our assembly and install video to see just how easy.

Mailbox Builder offers installation of all our products to the Minneapolis and St. Paul metropolitan area. We are building partnerships throughout the country with installers who can assist you. Please call us at 952-936-2224 to arrange for installation in your area.

Before purchasing your mailbox or post be sure to contact the United State Postal Service office regarding any special requirements or regulations involving post placement, installation or product specifications.

In advance of your mailbox post installation, it is essential that you have the underground utilities located. Most communities have a one call center for you to contact.

Tools You’ll Need

To put together your mailbox, you’ll only need a few tools. Calling a friend to help will make installation much more fun.

Mailbox installation tools
  1. Tape measure
  2. Garden shovel
  3. Socket wrench with ¾” and 9/16” sockets
  4. Clam style posthole digger
  5. Bubble level
  6. Hammer and Phillips head screwdriver
  7. 4ft. 2”x 4” for tamping the soil
  8. A friend