Light Wood Panel

About Us

about_collage.jpg is an assumed name for Outdoor Designs and Service. is the online custom mailbox store for Outdoor Designs and Service, LLC. For over 25 years we have provided excellence in the design and manufacturing of outdoor cedar products. Our reputation has grown beyond our Midwest roots, in part thanks to our consistent use of hand selected western red cedar and unique construction techniques designed for years of problem free, sustainable performance.

Our Mailboxes

The appeal of our product is the result of several key factors. Our unique designs are enhanced by the natural beauty of western red cedar, its wonderful spectrum of natural colors, durability, resistance to insects and decay and consistent visual appeal. Western red cedar is also a renewable resource, recyclable and biodegradable.

The craftsman at Mailbox Builder begin with timbers which arrive to our facility from the Pacific Northwest. This is “western red cedar” not a northern white cedar that requires paint or stain to preserve its longevity.

We select out the material looking at grain patterns and knot structure and cut out component parts to optimize appearance. We then send all the components through a large course surface sander imparting a rough clean and bright texture to all surfaces. We hand sand corners and edges to impart a softer to the touch finish. This combination of processes is what gives every one of our western red cedar posts and boxes that handsome look.